Battle of the Seasons is the 23rd season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. The season is directly subsequent to Battle of the Exes. It is the sequel to the show's 5th season, Battle of the Seasons, though unlike other sequel seasons is not distinguished as part "II" in subtitle. The season took place in Bodrum, Turkey and Namibia.

Former casts from select seasons of MTV's The Real World competed with the hopes of winning a piece of the $250,000 grand prize, with cast members from the Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II and Spring Break challenges brought in prior to any challenges taking place.

The season premiered on September 19, 2012, and concluded on December 19, 2012, with The Reunion Special episode.


During each Challenge teams will compete in order to become the Power Team, who will have the ability to place one team of their Choosing into the Arena. The other couple going into the Arena will be that day's Challenge losers. Once in the Arena a team must decide one Male-Female pair to compete, and have the potential to go home with no money. The losing pair in the Arena will go home, and leave their team short two players. Teams can compete with only two players, and have potential to make a greater share of the final's $250,000.


Host: T. J. Lavin,

Male Contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Frank Sweeney RW: San Diego ('11) Winners
Zach Nichols RW: San Diego ('11)
Dustin Zito RW: Las Vegas (/11) Runner-Up
Chet Cannon RW: Brooklyn Third Place
JD Ordoñez RW: Brooklyn
Derek Chavez RW: Cancun Episode 11
Robb Schreiber RW: St. Thomas Episode 10
Alton Williams RW: Las Vegas (/02) Episode 9
Christian "CJ" Koegel RW: Cancun Episode 8
Ryan Knight RW: New Orleans ('10) Episode 7
Trey Weatherholtz RW: St. Thomas Episode 6
Preston Roberson-Charles RW: New Orleans (2010) Episode 5
Eric Banks Fresh Meat Episode 4/5
Brandon Nelson Fresh Meat II Episode 3
Danny Jamieson RW: Austin Episode 2
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin Episode 1
Female Contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Ashley Kelsey RW: San Diego ('11) Winners
Sam McGinn RW: San Diego ('11)
Trishelle Cannatella RW: Las Vegas ('02) Runner-Up
Devyn Simone RW: Brooklyn Third Place
Sarah Rice RW: Brooklyn
Jonna Mannion RW: Cancun Episode 11
Marie Roda RW: St. Thomas Episode 10
Nany González RW: Las Vegas ('11) Episode 9
Jasmine Reynaud RW: Cancun Episode 8
Jemmye Carroll RW: New Orleans ('10) Episode 7
Laura Waller RW: St. Thomas Episode 6
McKenzie Coburn RW: New Orleans ('10) Episode 5
Camila Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge Episode 4/5
Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat II Episode 3
Melinda Stolp RW: Austin Episode 2
Lacey Buehler RW: Austin Episode 1


Team Teammate


Eliminated Place
Team San Diego Ashley, Frank

Sam & Zach

Winners 1st
Team Las Vegas Dustin & Trishelle Runner-Up 2nd
Alton & Nany Episode 9
Team Brooklyn Chet, Devyn,

JD & Sarah

Third Place 3rd
Team Cancun Derek & Jonna Episode 11 4th
CJ & Jasmine Episode 8
Team St. Thomas Marie & Robb Episode 10 5th
Laura & Trey Episode 6
Team New Orleans Jemmye & Knight Episode 7 6th
McKenzie & Preston Episode 5
Team Fresh Meat Camila & Eric Episode 4 7th
Brandon & Cara Maria Episode 3
Team Austin Danny & Melinda Episode 2 8th
Lacey & Wes Episode 1