Road Rules: All Stars is the first season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. Unlike later seasons the show followed alumni of The Real World as they went on a typical Road Rules-type adventure around the United States in a non-competitive format. It is the only season without the term Challenge in its title. The season premiered on June 1st, 1998.


Much like the original format of Road Rules, five alumni from past seasons of The Real World were brought together to participate in a series of missions as they traveled across the United States and New Zealand in a Winnebago. Unlike following seasons of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, this season only consisted of cast members from The Real World, and was made up of a much smaller cast. Again as with Road Rules, all of the cast's cash and credit cards were confiscated for the duration of the series, and if the participants completed all the assignments, they would win a "handsome reward". At the end of the series, each cast member won a trip for two to Puerto Rico.


Host: David "Puck" Rainey from The Real World: San Francisco

Name Original Season
Cynthia Roberts Miami
Eric Nies New York
Jon Brennan Los Angeles
Rachel Campos San Francisco
Sean Duffy Boston


Each of the 5 episodes in this season included a challenges for the contestants. Money was rewarded for each completed challenge.

Challenge Result
1 Prove Existence of Ghosts Completed
2 Sheep Shearing / Cow Milking Completed
Fly By Wire Completed
3 Zorbing Completed
4 Urban Rap Jumping Completed
Hot Dog on a Stick Completed
Men vs. Women Cook Off Completed
5 The Real Real World Completed
Write a Theme Song Completed
Handsome Reward Completed

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • In the first mission, the men played a prank on the girls by pretending to be ghosts by waving their flashlights and making eerie noises. They then stripped to their boxers and ran around the mental hospital.
  • Rachel and Sean developed feelings for each other on the show. They would eventually get married and have six children. Sean would go on to serve as district attorney of Ashland County, Wisconsin and the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 7th congressional district as a member of the Republican Party.
  • During one mission, Rachel was embarrassed to participate because the costume she had to wear made her look ridiculous. After thinking things over, she eventually wore the hot dog suit and completed the task.
  • The men had to create a soup made entirely of insects and feed it to the women. When Rachel and Cynthia discovered this, they were both horrified and disgusted with Cynthia threatening to leave the show.
  • By the end of the challenge, each cast member won a trip for two to Puerto Rico.